It´s Never Too Late

I like my skeletons
I don´t want them gone
They are my skeletons
I´ve bred their kind
Ever since I was a child
But if you hide your skeletons
Don´t believe they´re gone
They are still skeletons
Don´t be afraid
Look them in the eye and say
It´s Never Too Late

Here in my garden the flowers are dead
I am a killer
Dark clouds blackens my day
Atomic winter
I hate the summer, I welcome the fall
I curse the season I was born

I like my skeletons...

My diagnosis, ADD
I got no patience
Roses wither before me
Rage is my fragrance
Atomic winter or silent spring
I bless the curse of being me

I like my skeletons...

"Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven" 2012