Midnight Runner

Midnight runner, hey that´s me
I´m a troublemaker, here´s my history
I was born like a rolling stone
I saw the rocket flying off to the moon
I learned of Nixon and of Watergate
The queen of England was great

Cause I was born a firehorse
Speeding at full force
Begging for some more
You better know what´s coming
The zodiac is out of time
All shall fallen down
Blinded by the light
I´m a Midnight Runner

Martin Luther had a beautiful dream
The church of satan saw the day of light
Heavy Metal was invented by Cream
Rock it ´til you die!
Midnight Runner, hey, that´s me

Cause I was born a firehorse...

I´m a moonshine child alright
I´m the stars that burns so bright
I´m a predator in the night
Yes I am

Cause I was born a firehorse...

"Midnight Runner" 2016