A trial by fire
You could say I failed
One look in the mirror
I´ve become everything I used to hate

This is a nightmare
I´m not doing well
Judgement day is calling
Time has come to pay

I am but a self-betrayer
Nothing but a traitor to myself
I have always been a Lawbreaker
I´m insane
And I can build the highest of mountains
Of all the broken promises I gave
I will always be a Lawbreaker
Running away

A self-inflicted terror
I brought upon myself
A heavy weight to carry
And I will burn in hell

I am but a self-betrayer...

This is a trial by fire
I know I failed
I smashed the mirror
I beleive there´s nothing left for me to break

I am but a self-betrayer...

"Lawbreaker" 2017