Before A Grave

Look so many lonely hearts
Countless as the night sky´s stars
I wonder who they are
And if they know their path
Suicide is not the way
I need to have a lot of things explained
They´re difficult to say
Before A Grave

I just want to know
Are you coming home
I just want to know
Is there any glimpse of hope

A word of comfort, you must know
Everybody feel so alone
Too many do not know
Which way to go
The day is black, the night´s a curse
You can´t believe you´re walking this earth
You try maintain control
Well I´m here with you

I just want to know...

Look so many troubled minds
They try to go on living their lives
The light has left their eyes
They used to shine so bright
Too focused on what´s not been done
You´d better welcome what´s about to come
Soon we will be gone
For eternity

Please just let me try
Let me ask you why
Please don´t break my heart
I can be your light out from the dark

"Killing It For Life" 2019