Freddie Mercury

I heard your songs and I said
It´s a kind of magic
The voice, the sound, a god came down
Astonished I stood there in awe
A rhapsody in blue on a Sunday afternoon
I´d love to stroll around with you
At a seaside rendezvous

Freddie, poor old fellow
You´re a queen embodied as a king
What a terrible horror
You were not aloud to spread your wings
Freddie, dear old fellow
You´re the reason I began to sing

You took my breath away
And I tied my mother down
Play some jazz or bite the dust
I repeatedly listened to flash
Don´t stop me, now I´m here
I just want to entertain you
I´m so impressed how he caressed
His piano with brutal force

Freddie, poor old fellow...

I can relate to you being sent away, that´s tragic
To rise above and still become
The one you are destined to be
I must ask some of you
When today you say: a prophet
While still alive you turned him down
His star quality you denied

Freddie, poor old fellow...

"Killing It For Life" 2019